Fragile X awareness is a 365-day-a-year job, which is why it is one of our core pillars. But, we set aside July every year as a month to help raise awareness of Fragile X, and every year our families do a tremendous job spreading the word.

We are able to reach so many people because we work together – that is why our motto is Together, We’re Stronger.

As we lead up to July, what ideas do you have to help raise awareness? Is there something you have seen in your community? Something you have always wanted to see happen? It is never too early to start (get some ideas here). Contact us here.

Of course, we plan to share daily facts about Fragile X (last year, our facts were viewed over 1 million times on Facebook), but special events can help expand awareness beyond our friends, families, and acquaintances on Facebook. They get the attention of the media to spark stories, amplifying the reach. That is why we, along with FRAXA, requested that Niagara Falls be illuminated for Fragile X on July 22, the Congressionally-recognized Fragile X Awareness Day in the United States. We are also working to have another bell ringing at the New York Stock Exchange, thanks to Lou Barbera, and this time we hope it can be a joint event with FRAXA.

By standing up together to raise awareness, we can beat Fragile X.