Someone you care about lives with Fragile X. That person is your child, grandchild, brother, sister, nephew, cousin, friend, classmate or co-worker. That’s why you’re here. Today, we’re asking you if you would do #AnythingForFragileX!

Would you walk for Fragile X? Would you do a 10-mile obstacle course? What about skydive? Host a corn hole tournament? Give up your birthday? Our own CEO took a pie to the face and ran a marathon for Fragile X, with plans to do even more!

You can do anything! It’s easy! Think about something you love doing (or, if you’re brave, something you hate doing), and then do it for Fragile X.

Your fundraiser will help us achieve our goals for Fragile X: a stronger community, more awareness and effective research toward better treatments and a cure. It’s only with your help that we can make our goals a reality!

Visit Anything for Fragile X and start your fundraiser today:

  1. Explain what you’ll be doing!
  2. Share it with your friends.
We’ll be happy to help you out, just email us at