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Critical Incident Management for Mothers of Children with Fragile X Syndrome

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Dealing with critical incidents is very important for caregivers of individuals with Fragile X syndrome (FXS), particularly biological mothers. Unfortunately, critical incidents occur frequently for many caregivers of children with FXS. Behavioral outbursts and aggression are critical incidents that take place in the home or in the community. For biological mothers of children with FXS who carry the premutation gene, there is the added predisposition to anxiety, as well as other emotional concerns (Coleman & Riley, 2014), which can amplify their response to these critical incidents.

The 'Asks' for NFXFAD2017

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In preparation for the National Fragile X Foundation's Advocacy Day 2017, we are publishing initial details on our "asks" for this year's meetings. It is our goal to provide each advocate ample time to prepare, in an effort to ease anxiety related to the day. Our asks, as always, are bipartisan and reflect the best interests of our community. Personal politics have no place in Advocacy Day so we hope each of you will come to Washington, DC prepared to share your story and fight for the needs of all those living with Fragile X.