Today is National Fragile X Awareness Day!

July 22 is National Fragile X Awareness Day, officially recognized by Congress since 2000. Help spread awareness and understanding for Fragile X by making a donation today.

You can even dedicate your donation to a loved one on this special day! Just complete the “I want my donation to be dedicated” box on our donation page.

We’d like to thank all of our NFXF Let ‘Em Know participants and donors for reaching our $60,000 goal! As promised, the Blount family will be donating an additional $30,000 to the campaign.

Together We Can Continue to Build Awareness!

You can still give to our Awareness Month campaign. And you can continue to encourage others to give as well. It’s just one of the many ways you can ensure Awareness spreads across the country, and even worldwide!

Let’s turn up the volume today and talk about Fragile X to everyone we know! Here are more ways you can participate:

  • Participate in the NFXF’s Let ‘Em Know virtual 5k and ask friends and family to support you!
  • Change your social media profile picture and Facebook cover to our official National Fragile X Awareness Month logo and cover image.
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  • Share our daily Fragile X Facts on social media.
  • Create your own Fragile X Awareness event to inform your community.
  • Donate to the NFXF to help support its mission to create awareness and support research towards improved treatments and a cure for Fragile X.
  • Print copies of the Fragile X Awareness Month flyer and post around your neighborhood.