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Our Precious Gift From God

By Jaclyn H.

Our Precious Gift From God

We found out our son had FX when he was almost 2. It was very hard to accept at first. It was also kind of scary. We are learning to live with it now.

Camden is two and a half now. He is nonverbal and just beginning to walk. We have already seen him make a lot of progress thanks to his therapists.

Camden has an infectious laugh and beautiful smile. He loves to rock, swing, play in water, and listen to music. We love our little boy so much! We wouldn’t change a thing about him. We want to do everything we can to help him succeed. Camden is our precious gift from God.


  • He is absolutely precious! If you don’t mind, can I ask you a question? He is the most adorable little boy! Hi, I’m a carrier and my number are high. I know the chance of me having a child with fragile x is high. Do you happen to know what his number of repeats is? They say the higher the number of repeats, the worse the symptoms are, but everyone is different. I’m still learning about all of this.

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