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Every day someone receives a new diagnosis of Fragile X in their family. Your monthly support gives the NFXF the capacity to help them face that first day of diagnosis and a life very different than what they expected.

With as little as $5 per month, you can help make every day a little bit better for every family living with Fragile X.

Why Give Monthly?

It’s Affordable

By giving monthly, you contribute what makes sense for you while making an incredibly positive impact for everyone living with Fragile X.

It’s a Community

Becoming a NFXF monthly donor allows you to join a dedicated group of supporters who understand that the Fragile X journey is a lifelong challenge and that the best way to manage the many obstacles the journey presents is to be informed and prepared.

It’s Sustained Support

Monthly gifts enable the NFXF to invest in specific areas of our work, including research facilitation and educating the next generation of Fragile X professionals.

It’s Inspiring

You’ll receive quarterly updates from NFXF leadership to let you know just how your support is making a difference! We’ll share stories from families and individuals who appreciate your help and the latest updates and news in the Fragile X community.

Your monthly support goes directly to support these programs:

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The NFXF is the global leader in providing relevant and cutting-edge Fragile X content with our extensive digital resources, virtual conference sessions, webinars, and videos, available to the entire Fragile X community. Through our advocacy efforts, we raise awareness and secure government research funding and advance legislative initiatives meant to benefit the entire intellectual disabilities population.

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Every day a new family receives a diagnosis of Fragile X, and the NFXF is here to support them with 1:1 consultations, resources and referrals, treatment guidelines, and educational materials. Our Community Support Network of chapters and community partners helps to untangle the complexities of the local obstacles and resources and provides much-needed social connections for families. Our top priority is to help make every day with Fragile X a little bit better.

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Advancing treatment research in Fragile X means that real people need to commit to participate in research; and to help them make that commitment, research must be done in ways that fit into their lives. The NFXF Research Readiness Program™ is designed to support all stakeholders — Fragile X professionals, families, and researcher partners — to be engaged in the clinical research process to ensure that all researchers are targeting meaningful outcomes in ways that keep the needs of participants with Fragile X in mind.

Setup your monthly gift to help Fragile X families from the first day of diagnosis – making their lives a little bit better every day.

The National Fragile X Foundation is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to NFXF are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. The NFXF’s tax identification number is 84-0960471.