With Clinical Psychologist Jennifer Epstein

Toilet training is an important life skill. It is often delayed in children with Fragile X syndrome. This workshop with licensed clinical psychologist Jennifer Epstein is for caregivers of individuals with FXS. It provides an overview of methods (general strategies with modifications for FXS and trip and schedule training) that support the practice of readiness skills. The workshop is also designed to increase caregivers’ understanding of common hurdles affecting skill attainment. Following an overview of some successful strategies, questions are answered by caregivers.

Dr. Jennifer Epstein

Jennifer Epstein
Dr. Epstein is a licensed clinical psychologist and health service provider with more than 20 years of experience working with children and families. Dr. Epstein specializes in treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders including delays in development, autism spectrum disorders, and genetic disorders such as Fragile x syndrome. She is a certified Early Start Denver Model Trainer.

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Toilet Training the Older Child

Toilet training continues to be an important issue for families who have children with Fragile X syndrome. There is hope for older children, but they require a different approach to toilet training.