NFXF Heartland Chapter

North Sioux City, South Dakota


Tim Geels of the NFXF Heartland Chapter leadership team

Tim Geels
Phone: 712-204-1091

Brenda Slama of the NFXF Heartland Chapter leadership team

Brenda Slama
Phone: 712-335-3229

Nancy Carlson of the NFXF Heartland Chapter leadership team

Nancy Carlson
Phone: 515-779-3547

About Our Group

Brenda Slama, Tim Geels, and Nancy Carlson started Heartland Fragile X Alliance in 2012 to support families in Iowa and South Dakota. As parents of children with Fragile X, they want to provide a place where families can connect, share information, and support each other. The group also serves as a resource for professionals working with individuals affected by Fragile X. Through fundraisers, educational seminars, and charitable donations, the group hopes to be able to provide financial resources for families to access Fragile X clinics like the one in Iowa City at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, Center for Disabilities and Development↗.

We are looking for volunteers to help organize events, if you are interested in joining our group or assisting with events, please contact us at