Dr. Randi Hagerman joins us to discuss the latest information and research on premutation carriers.  The recording includes the Q&A session following her presentation.

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Presenter: Dr. Randi Hagerman
Moderator: Jayne Dixon-Weber
Runtime: 1:41:07

Dr. Randi Hagerman

Randi Hagerman, MD
Dr. Hagerman is a distinguished professor of developmental and behavioral pediatrician and the medical director of the UC Davis MIND Institute. She is internationally recognized as both a clinician and researcher in the Fragile X field. She is the director of the Fragile X Research and Treatment Center at the MIND Institute and holds an endowed chair in Fragile X research at UC Davis.

Jayne Dixon Weber, director of community services, NFXF

Jayne Dixon Weber
Jayne is the NFXF director of community education and has been a member of the NFXF team since 2007. She has two adult children, a son with Fragile X syndrome and a daughter. Jayne is the author of Transitioning ‘Special’ Children into Elementary School, co-author of Fragile X Fred, and editor of Children with Fragile X Syndrome: A Parents’ Guide. Jayne likes to read, enjoys photography, and goes for a walk every day.