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A Primer on Sensory Integration


  Sensory integration is the ability to organize light, sound, movement, and texture unconsciously and automatically, with no obvious effort. This organization is accompanied by age-appropriate behavior and emotional responses, social engagement, and cognitive reasoning skills, all of which should lead to purposeful work and play. Without sensory integration, children may experience: A need for

Consensus of the Fragile X Clinical & Research Consortium on Clinical Practices

The Guidelines represent expert consensus and not evidence-based studies. The clinical committee of the Fragile X Clinical & Research Consortium (FXCRC) could be thought of as a “consensus panel” since virtually every clinician in the USA seeing and managing a large number of patients with Fragile X syndrome and other Fragile X-associated Disorders is represented.

Target and Tommy Hilfiger introduce adaptive clothing for people with special needs

Both Target and Tommy Hilfiger are announcing new adaptive clothing to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities. Target releases their adaptive clothing for children under their Cat & Jack brand. These clothes include removable sleeves, openings at the belly and more. The brand also offers sensory-friendly clothing with flat seams and free from tags. Cat