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CO: Annual Fall Conference for Families and Professionals

Children’s Hospital Fragile X Clinic and the Colorado Fragile X Community Support Network group would like to invite you to participate in this incredible educational event! We are bringing together top professionals in our area for this one-day educational conference.  Speakers:  Karen S. Riley, PhD,  Dr.Nicole Tartaglia, Terry Katz, PhD & Katie Maron,  Rena Pitlik, MS, CCC-SLP, Erica Lindsey, MS Special Education,

Reasons to Visit a Clinic

While every Fragile X clinic is set up a little differently, they all offer similar services. They are staffed by people who understand Fragile X. Examples of evaluations offered at clinics through an initial intake include: medical, speech, occupational, physical and behavioral therapy, and genetic counseling. Additional specialist services may include referrals to psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, cardiologists,

Planning Your Visit to a Fragile X Clinic

Why should you visit a Fragile X clinic? Because you won’t hear, “Fragile what?” You will have the opportunity to meet with a team of people who will be able to provide guidance in many areas of raising your child or children. Just as importantly, once you establish a relationship with the Fragile X doctor,