FL: Educational Workshop

A Multidisciplinary Perspective On Intervention For Neurodevelopmental Disorders Presented By: [...]

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Back to School Without a Bang

Several strategies can help in guiding a successful transition. If the student is going back to the same school with the same teaching staff, the transition process is easier and requires less support. When the student changes schools, neighborhoods, or programs, additional support is required.

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Planning for Emergency Events at School

With the anxiety and hyperarousal seen in children with Fragile X syndrome, it is important to plan for emergency events at your child’s school – a fire in the building and severe weather events, such as a tornado, a hurricane, a local fire, a chemical spill, etc. Lockdowns are discussed separately. If at all possible, develop a plan ahead of time, ideally at your child's IEP. If that is not possible, ask for a meeting to discuss this first thing of the school year.

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