Donors Helping to Fulfill Our Mission

The NFXF recognizes the following individuals and companies for their financial contributions to the NFXF. This financial support helps us fulfill our wide-reaching mission and to build upon our work year after year.

Dedication and passion = success!

These individuals are great examples of this formula and the NFXF is proud to have their support.

Red, White & Blue Labor Day Event – Friends for FX
Wrinkle Free for Fragile X – Silverton Family
Walk for Fragile X – Jennifer Mathias
Matthew Gossett Xmas Book Sales
Marquette University – Marcus Roeders & Marquette Women’s Soccer Team
Lyfe Kitchen – Cooper & Fishman Families
Lizzie’s Open House – Nancy Reilly & Friends
Leroy High School
Henderson Global Jeans Day
Eathan Fishman
Friends for Fragile X – Dave and Joy Justus
Clinton Wedding
Chicago Fragile X Virtual Event – Cooper, Fishman and Canel Families
Applebee’s Flapjacks for FX

14th International Conference Sponsors

The conference is an incredible learning and bonding experience. These sponsors as well as the CSN Group Supporters keep it accessible and affordable to many families who could not otherwise attend.

  • Alcobra
  • Asuragen
  • Charles Schwab & Co.
  • Falconwood Foundation, Inc.
  • Fragile X Society of Connecticut
  • Keesal, Young & Logan
  • Fragile X Association of New York
  • Fragile X Alliance of Ohio
  • Fragile X CSN Group of Wisconsin
  • Fragile X Alliance of Texas
  • Long Beach Memorial Miller Children’s Hospital
  • New Jersey Fragile X Community Support Group
  • Rogers Neighborhood FX Family Scholarship Fund
  • Stewart Home School

CSN Group Supports Gifts of $5000+

These groups make supporting the work of the NFXF a top priority along with everything else they do for local families. We could not possibly implement our mission without them.

  • Families for Fragile X – Florida *
  • Greater Chicago Fragile X *
  • FX Families of Northern Virginia *
  • Fragile X Association of Southern California **
  • Fragile X Center of San Diego **
  • Central Illinois Fragile X *
  • Fragile X Association of Michigan *
  • Fragile X Resource Center of Missouri *
  • Kansas Fragile X Group *
  • Texas Fragile X Association *

**Intl. Fragile X Conference Hosts
* Intl. Fragile X Conference Sponsors