Please DONATE to the NFXF Public Policy Campaign!

Influencing Public Policy and making the voices of Fragile X families and researchers heard in legislatures from Washington, DC to the state capitals across the U.S. is a top priority at the National Fragile X Foundation. And it is so for one reason only:

Because our Public Policy activity has far-reaching effects on the search for better treatments and an ultimate cure for Fragile X-associated Disorders.

That’s why we are asking you in this special annual appeal to contribute to the NFXF Public Policy Campaign and thus help fund the many initiatives that directly improve the lives of those impacted by Fragile X.

NFXF Public Policy efforts help make sure that elected officials and others in decision-making capacities across the country are familiar with the needs of the Fragile X community, and the great benefits that FX research funding and support can bring.

Especially now, when researchers are uncovering ever greater links between Fragile X and autism, it is critical that we intensify our efforts to bring Fragile X into the light of Public Policy at every available opportunity.

Please Donate today! Make your voice heard and Multiply Your Person Power by making a generous contribution to the NFXF Public Policy Campaign!