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Lemonade stand fragile x fundraiser

Lemonade Stand Fundraiser

The NFXF relies on the support of its dedicated fundraisers. Aside from providing a dependable source of funding for the foundation, organizing a fundraising event offers unique opportunities for participants who have been touched by Fragile X.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Spreading awareness to your local community.
  • Networking with other families affected in your area.
  • A sense of accomplishment knowing you have made a direct impact in all areas of the NFXF’s mission.
  • Inspiring others to try fundraising for Fragile X.

One of the NFXF’s longtime supporters is Nancy Reilly.  Starting with a small event run from her home, her annual fundraiser has grown each year and is now well known in her local community. Read on to learn about her inspirational fundraising journey:

I founded ‘Lizzie’s Annual Open House to Benefit the NFXF.’  When my daughter Lizzie was diagnosed with FXS six years ago, my husband and I had no idea what it was. It took only a few months for me to realize that I had to do something to bring awareness to as many people as possible. A fundraiser was the perfect answer—it would help make people aware while raising money for research. I had never done this before, but I felt I owed it to Lizzie and those like her to give it a shot.

We enjoyed modest success at our first Open House, and the next year we had three home- based companies selling their products and donating a portion of their earnings to the foundation. By our third year we had moved out into the community, increased our participants to 10, included a raffle, and had many more attendees. We put flyers in our neighbor’s mailboxes, asked local merchants to post the flyer in their store windows, and we placed ads in the local newspaper to get the word out about our event. Each year, my goal is to raise one dollar more and make at least one more person aware than we did the year before.

With the help of the wonderful people at the foundation we have learned so much, not only about Fragile X but about ourselves and what we are capable of. Every morning I send Lizzie out to face a world that she doesn’t understand and that doesn’t understand her, but she walks out the door with a beautiful smile on her face and tackles it head on. The least I can do is to help make that world more understanding of her.

Please be sure to review our Fundraising Guidelines before planning your event. The NFXF is here to assist in any way that we can in order to help make your event a success.  Don’t hesitate to contact with questions on how to get started. Or check out our Fundraising Toolkit, and keep us posted on your plans and progress!