Fundraising Toolkit

Now that you’ve made the decision to Organize an Event, you may be wondering where to start. Not to worry! The NFXF is here to help whether you are a seasoned event planner or have no experience at all. Event ideas are limitless, and with the help of friends and family, anything from a gala dinner to a walk to a neighborhood lemonade stand can become an effective fundraiser for the NFXF.

Fragile X Walk

Fragile X Walk

Walk for Fragile X

Organizing a walk is a great way to raise money and awareness for Fragile X. It provides the opportunity for friends, family, and co-workers to spend time together doing a healthy activity while contributing to the National Fragile X Foundation. The NFXF has worked with numerous individuals and LINKS groups over the years to help organize successful walks in their local communities. For more planning information and tips, please visit our Walk for Fragile X Toolkit.

Other Events

Do you have a different fundraiser in mind? Have you used other events to raise money in the past? If so, we would love to hear about them! Please be sure to contact and review our Fundraising Guidelines so that we can discuss your ideas and the ways we can provide support.

Other ideas include:

  • Pool party & BBQ, bowling party, basketball shootout, theme party, evening gala, golf tournament, Fragile X night at a local restaurant, luncheon, benefit concert, theater night, house party, comedy club night, art auction, wine tasting, garage sale, or hosting an open house for friends with home-based businesses.
  • Adult social events with a speaker: Give family, local supporters and resource group members the opportunity to learn about FX and/or community issues. Speakers could include a local celebrity, FX researcher, politician, and/or NFXF representative.

Supporting Documents

Below are some additional tools to help with planning your fundraiser:

Thank you!

We hope these brief guidelines help get your creative juices flowing on ideas that match up with your interests and commitment to Fragile X—not to mention your sense of fun! If you have other questions about any and all fundraising possibilities, please don’t hesitate to contact