A Message from Jim

I’m typically the guy who likes to do things on his own. I am big on do-it-yourself projects around the house and fix-it tasks in the garage. But, when my son Glenn was diagnosed with Fragile X ten years ago, I realized this was one project I couldn’t handle by myself.

That’s why I turned to the NFXF. They showed me there’s a whole other world out there – a world full of understanding, support and hope…

Growing Together…

There’s a strength that comes from being part of a community. Through the NFXF’s Community Support Network, my family and I formed lasting and supportive friendships that enabled us to accept Fragile X into our lives.

The NFXF’s International Conference gave me the skills and knowledge to maximize Glenn’s quality of life and encouraged my family’s acceptance of his abilities. I was happy to share my newfound knowledge with other community members, helping them the way the NFXF helped me. I am truly grateful for the support the NFXF gave me, and the opportunities they’ve provided for my family to learn and grow together over the years.

My hope is that other families living with Fragile X will read my story and find the strength to turn to the NFXF. Just like I did. Because turning to the NFXF was the best thing I could have done.

Making a Difference…

The NFXF needs you.
Your generous
donations help us
give families like
Jim’s understanding,
and hope!

I am asking you to make a difference by donating the the NFXF Annual Appeal. Your investment in the Foundation ensures families, like mine, will continue to have the tools to better approach Fragile X, embrace it and grow stronger – together.

I didn’t choose Fragile X to be part of my life – but now that it is, I am grateful for the NFXF. I am able to say that my life with Fragile X is better than I ever expected because of the Foundation.

Please donate today so that families, like mine, can continue to learn and grow with the NFXF.


Jim Sheldon,
Jim Sheldon
Loving Father to Glenn
NFXF Supporter & FX Advocate