Advocacy Day Registration


The registration fee is per attendee over 12. You may register up to 6 people at once, including yourself. DO NOT change the quantity of this registration – the total will be automatically calculated based on the number of attendees you are registering.

Please separately register individuals with a different address to assist with scheduling Congressional meetings.

Contact Information

Advocacy Day Information


Please do not adjust the quantity below above 1. The total amount for this registration reflects the fee for the number of attendees over the age of 12.

After you select, "Add to Cart," you will need to either Checkout or submit another registration if you need to register more than 6 people or have attendees at different addresses. After you check out, you will receive a confirmation email with these details and information on the hotel and the Advocacy Day agenda.

If you are not already a member, please join our NFXF Advocacy Group on Facebook.