Why? We invite your child and family to take part in an exciting new study that aims to revolutionize the way we understand Fragile X Disorders by characterizing levels of motor control.

What? First, we will ask you to complete a number of short movement games, such as walking at your normal pace. All movement will be recorded using cutting-edge wearable technology – similar to commercial fitness gadgets. This data will tell us about how your brain controls your movements.

Second, we will complete a full genetic profile using a swab test. This involves using a small Q-tip to gently swab the inside of your cheek for a saliva sample. All data will remain confidential and anonymous. No data will be added to your medical records by our team.

ALL participants will have the OPTION to receive genetic results for their own records.

Genetic testing will be paid for in full by Rutgers University.

Where? This study is running at the Sensory-motor
Integration Lab in the Psychology Department of Rutgers
(Busch Campus, Piscataway, NJ).

Who? We invite all children affected by a Fragile X Disorder, and their family members, to participate. All ages are welcome. All participants will be provided with genetic screening, and comprehensive profiling of the central, peripheral and autonomous nervous systems.

When? The study is running between Winter 2015 – Fall 2018. We have times and dates to suit all schedules and would be happy to find a time for your family to visit – including weekends. Sessions last approximately 2 hours with breaks as needed. Refreshments will be available and sensory toys can be provided as needed.

All participants will be compensated $25 each.

Want to know more? Please contact:

Prof. Elizabeth Torres (ebtorres@rci.rutgers.edu; 732-208-3158)
Dr. Caroline Whyatt (caroline.whyatt@rutgers.edu; 732-648-7783)

This clinical research is funded in part by The New Jersey Governor’s Council for Medical Research and Treatment of Autism
and the New Jersey Department of Health