Study: Girl Behavior and NeuroDevelopment (Girl BAND)

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Study: Girl Behavior and NeuroDevelopment (Girl BAND)

Researchers at Stanford University are studying brain development in relation to behavior, cognition, and mood in girls with fragile X syndrome.

The project is designed to improve our understanding of brain and behavioral growth in girls during a critical time in their development. Information gained from this research will improve our understanding of learning, behavioral and emotional development in girls, ultimately facilitating the development of more specific and effective intervention services/therapies in the future.

We are currently recruiting girls ages 6-14 years with a diagnosis of fragile X syndrome.

Participation Involves:

  • Comprehensive cognitive and behavioral evaluation
  • MRI and NIRS Scan (safe, noninvasive, no x-rays/radiation)

Potential Benefits:

  • Discussion and written report of results from evaluation
  • Access to ongoing updates about outcomes of the study

You will receive a $100 honorarium for participation.

For more information or to participate contact:

Phone: 650-724-2951

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