Research Recruitment

At the NFXF, we post all opportunities for families that meet General Guidelines for posting established by our Scientific and Clinical Advisory Committee and by our Ethics Committee.

The NFXF also periodically assists with research recruitment through a variety of means including mailings, email blasts and Facebook postings. This is a fee-based service designed to promote the advancement of Fragile X research including on behalf of university-based researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and others who meet our general guidelines, while compensating the NFXF for the associated staff time and materials expense.

If you are a family member and have any questions about a specific study, please use the contact information listed on the clinic’s announcement. If you are a professional and have any questions about how the NFXF can assist you with recruitment, please email

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Online Interview Market Research Opportunity

Looking for: Parents/caregivers of children (males and females) with the full mutation of Fragile X syndrome between the ages of 3-17 years old. What you will do: Online interview – requires a c...

Research: Did you grow up in Iowa, or know someone who did?

Are you, or someone you know, a carrier of the FMR1 premutation? If so, you may be eligible for our study of language and social characteristics in fragile X syndrome and the FMR1 premutation! Our res...

Survey: Parent decision-making to inform Fragile X syndrome clinical drug trials

New survey study to investigate the decision-making process among parents considering enrolling their child with FXS in a clinical drug trial. Fill out a questionnaire which will ask you about factors...

Study: FX-LEARN – Language Learning in Children with FXS

AFQ056 for Language Learning in Children with Fragile X Syndrome (NN107) NN107 FX-LEARN is currently looking to enroll children with Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) for a research study conducted by the Netw...
Family running

St. John’s Study: Positive Family Intervention for Families of Children with Fragile X Syndrome: Using Telehealth to Reduce Problem Behavior and Improve Maternal Mental Health

Free Treatment Study! Are you a mother of a child with Fragile X Syndrome? Would you like free parent training? At St. John’s University, we are conducting a research study on the effectiveness of a...
Nick and attendee

MGH/Harvard Study: Assessment of Glutamatergic Neurosystem in Fragile X Syndrome for Targeted Therapy

MGH/Harvard is recruiting adult males with Fragile X Syndrome, 18 years or older, for a neuroimaging study. Participants will be compensated up to $350. The aim of the study is to examine problems ...