Who Can Participate?

  • Boys between 8-18 years old diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability, ASD, or Fragile X Syndrome

What Participation Involves:

  • Visits to Stanford for 3–4 days
  • Cognitive testing
  • Behavioral skills training to improve social skills
  • Two optional 30-minute MRI scans

What are the Benefits of Participating?

  • Potential improvement in your child’s social conversation skills and duration of eye contact
  • Cognitive assessment results
  • A picture of your child’s brain from an MRI scan
  • An honorarium of up to $100 for participation
  • Accommodation will be provided if necessary, travel and food expenses will be reimbursed

Complete the survey at the link below to determine your son’s eligibility


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For more information please contact:
Ellen Wilkinson, M.A.
For participants’ rights, contact the IRB at 1-866-680-2906