We can’t thank our sponsors enough for making our conference the best ever!



Fragile X Center of San Diego

Fragile X Association of Southern California

Fragile X Families of Northern Virginia


Rogers Neighborhood FX Family Fund

Fragile X Association of Michigan

Central Illinois Fragile X

Kansas Fragile X Group

Families for Fragile X

Greater Chicago Fragile X

Fragile X Resource Center of Missouri

Texas Fragile X Association



Keesal, Young & Logan

Long Beach Memorial Miller Children's Hospital

Stewart Home & School

Charles Schwab

New Jersey Fragile X Community Support Group

Fragile X Resource Group of Greater New York City

Fragile X Community Support of Wisconsin

Fragile X Society of Connecticut

Fragile X Alliance of Ohio

Fragile X Alliance of Texas

We couldn’t have done it without them! Thanks All!


A BIG Shout Out to ALL of our Conference Volunteers!

Putting together a multi-day conference for nearly 800 participants is not an easy task. But with the help of the many, many volunteers who pitched in we did it. Our thanks to each and every one of them for making this conference the BEST EVER!


Cindi Rogers
Elina Gelfand
Marie Horowitz


Robyn Sheldon

Planning Committee

Decorations: Diane Bateman
Entertainment: Naomi Star
Auction: Sali Farber
Publicity: Paula Paez
Off Site Event: Sali Farber
Welcome Area: Charlotte Spahr


Nicole and John Schweizer
Anne Souder
Carrie Murtagh
Beth Ruben and Brad Ruben
Bruce, Jeff and Lisa Renati
Kristina Walsh
Mark and Thessaly Exley
Bob, Patti, and Kyle Miller
Denise Alvinito Barbara Freilich
Timica Radden
Mark and Chelsea Mumford
Julie Norman
Chris and Donna Payton
Nancy Mumford

Bag Assembly

Sali Farber
Jennifer Newsome
Jonny Rosas
Cindy Ross
Charlotte Spahr
Victoria Torres
Danielle Torres


Mallory Wackerman
Sophia Wackerman
Anna Miranda

Welcome Table

Carole Ayuso
Sali, Richelle and Jeff Farber
Dr. Amanda Gulsrud
Linda Gunn
Reid and Cathy Halterman
Jeannine Janicke
Monique Johnson
Anna Miranda
Jennifer, Pete, Pat and Barbara Newsome
Paula Paez
Luisa Rivas
Janet and Kenny Rivera
Cindy Ross
Gila Sacks
Maria Scremin
Brianna and Carole Sperber
Charlotte Spahr
Mary Seward
Danielle Torres

NFXF Merchandise Table

Susie Taylor
Missy Zolecki
Elina Gelfand
Heather Van Dam
Janet Brushman
Jammie Geels
Melissa Welin
Cortney Abouelseoud
Mary Beth Langan
Ted Coutilish
Paula Fasciano
Cara Capela
Bonnie Korman
Amy Zeleznik
Sheri Dickerson
Brooke Stack
Rachel DeLine
Michelle Laske
Michelle Hall
Brent Maurer
Laureen Majeske
Linda Netzel
Beth Rhodes
Denise Devine
Laura Ayres
Gail Harris-Schmidt
Beth Rhodes
Marie Horowitz
Kailey Owens
Crystal Chivers
Ashley Nuesse
Patricia Kisamore

Apologies if we didn’t mention you here. Your help is still very much appreciated!