Study: Fragile X Syndrome at NIH

//Study: Fragile X Syndrome at NIH

Study: Fragile X Syndrome at NIH

This research seeks to understand how protein formation in the brain is affected in fragile X syndrome (FXS). Researchers will measure the rate at which the brain makes proteins (protein synthesis) and will identify specific parts of the brain affected in FXS. In the future, measurement of protein synthesis in FXS may help us to develop and test new therapies. 

The study enrolls eligible young men with FXS, ages 18-24, from around the world. Eligible candidates should be in good physical health, be able to lay reasonably quiet for 45-60 minutes and do not take antidepressants or antipsychotics. 

The study includes:   

  • One visit, lasting several days, to the NIH Clinical Center, in Bethesda, Maryland.  
  • Assessment by physicians. 
  • Psychological assessment.
  • Brain scan. 
  • Travel, food, and lodging are covered and include the patient and one or two accompanying family members.  
  • Compensation is paid for your time and assistance.  
  • This study does NOT include investigational drugs/medications/ sedation. 

Please consider enrolling your child in our clinical research study of FXS.

Fragile X Syndrome Principal Investigator: Carolyn Beebe Smith
Protocol Number:  06-M-0214 Identifier:  NCT00362843

Brochure with More Information

Watch a short video about the study

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