Metformin in Individuals with Fragile X Syndrome

//Metformin in Individuals with Fragile X Syndrome

Metformin in Individuals with Fragile X Syndrome

At a Glance
  • Study Type: Clinical Trial
  • Condition: Fragile X Syndrome
  • Age: 6–25
  • Sex: All
  • Participant: Has FXS plus parent or caregiver
  • Location: MIND Institute, Sacramento, CA
  • Travel Considerations: At research facility, travel reimbursement available

We are actively recruiting individuals diagnosed with FXS ages 6–25 to participate!

We have preliminary evidence that metformin, a common type 2 diabetes medication, is beneficial for language, cognition, and behavior in both children and adults with Fragile X Syndrome. It is our hope that this study will lead to a better understanding of the benefits of treatment with metformin for individuals with FXS and inform future treatment and interventions.

Q: Who can participate?

  • Individuals 6–25 years of age diagnosed with FXS.
  • A reliable parent or caregiver who can report the side effects and communicate effectively with the research team for 4 months.
  • Study excludes individuals who have taken metformin in the past year.
  • Study excludes individuals with other serious illness or medical problem that would interfere with the study.

Q: What does the study involve?

  • Three visits to the MIND Institute (located in Sacramento, California).
  • Travel reimbursement available per research facility visit.
  • Subjects will participate in cognitive, language, sensory, and social assessments administered by the MIND Institute team.
  • Caregivers/parents will complete behavioral questionnaires.
  • Medical appointments with Dr. Randi Hagerman and her team.
  • Randomized assignment to either metformin or placebo capsules, with routine follow-up by research team.
  • Three blood draws.

Q: What else is expected?

  • Subjects may experience an improvement in physical health, behavioral symptoms, and/or cognitive abilities as a result of treatment with metformin.
  • Families can receive feedback on the subject’s performance on the standardized tests that are part of the study.
  • Results from this study will have the potential to positively influence the trajectory of development in FXS.

About the MIND Institute

The UC Davis MIND Institute is a collaborative international research center, committee to the awareness, understanding, prevention, and care of neurodevelopmental disorders. Visit for more information.

All studies take place at: MIND Institute, 2825 50th Street, Sacramento, California, 95817

“We can’t have real targeted treatments for Fragile X syndrome that will improve lives more than current supportive treatments without doing science that’s totally new and going where no clinician, researcher, or the FDA has gone before.”


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