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Wendy Geiger

Susan Slatter

Recent Happenings

Jay Souder Takes On New Role as NFXF Ambassador

With his board term now concluded, Jay has graciously stepped into our first-ever NFXF Ambassador position, helping us further build on the many relationships he established during his tenure.
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Advocacy Day Social Story

Our own Jayne Dixon Weber pulled together a social story to use to help you and your self-advocate prepare for the NFXF Advocacy Day on February 24, 2021.
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The Fragile X Premutation Registry is Now International

When we first launched the registry in November 2020, we weren’t yet able to accept non-U.S. registrants. There’s a lot of regulations and standards to work through on a project like this, but now we are truly living up to our name!
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What are Federal Budgets and Why They Matter

What is the President's budget, is it important for Fragile X advocacy, and how does Fragile X research get funded? These are all answered here.
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Upcoming Events

We are looking for volunteers to help organize events, if you are interested in joining our group and assisting with events, please contact us at