Scholarships for the 2018 NFXF International Fragile X Conference

//Scholarships for the 2018 NFXF International Fragile X Conference

Scholarships for the 2018 NFXF International Fragile X Conference

The NFXF is proud to announce three different scholarship opportunities available for the upcoming International Fragile X conference in Cincinnati, OH. The conference is a valuable opportunity for families to make connections and learn. It’s important to us that we assist families who would otherwise be unable to attend.

We are grateful to the community for helping us provide this assistance. Each scholarship opportunity has its own application process. However, please be aware that reviewers are in communication with one another and recipients are limited to receiving one scholarship per family.

Submission deadline for all three was February 15, 2018. Applications are no longer being accepted. Recipients for the scholarships will be notified in early March.

Scholarships Provided by the Community Support Network

Who should apply: Parents, relatives, and/or caregivers

What does the scholarship pay for: Basic/Early Bird individual or family registration fees valued as follows: Individual $525 or Family  $1025.

(Both family members must fulfill the CSN volunteer commitment)

Submission Deadline: February 15, 2018

These conference scholarships are funded by several NFXF Community Support Network (CSN) chapters. They are intended to help individuals or families with limited financial resources register for free to attend the conference. Scholarships do not include funding for travel and/or accommodation expenses.

Applicants are expected to be active members in their local CSN chapter and commit to volunteering for at least two local CSN events in 2018 and share a written summary of your conference experience with the CSN chapter providing the sponsorship. If you do not have a local CSN chapter, alternative volunteer opportunities will be provided for you.

Multiple scholarships will be given.

Priority will be given to applicants as follows:

  • First-time NFXF International Conference attendee(s).
  • Funding provided by their local CSN chapter.
  • Other applicants including those without a CSN chapter in their area (within 200 miles) will be considered as funding permits.

Arthur S. Mintz Memorial Conference Scholarship

Who should apply: Families and/or self-advocates who have never previously attended the NFXF International Conference.

What does the scholarship pay for:

  • Registration fees for a family (1 or 2 members) OR a self-advocate and a traveling companion
  • Four nights conference hotel (Room including taxes only)
  • $100 allowance for miscellaneous expenses

Submission Deadline: February 15, 2018

The Arthur S. Mintz Memorial Conference Scholarship was established in memory of a kind-hearted, thoughtful man who befriended a young man in his community who has Fragile X syndrome just because he thought it might be helpful to the family and good for the young man. Artie was truly a selfless man and would never take credit nor brag about the deeds he did. Many stories only became public knowledge in their entirety after Artie’s passing in early 2017, though one was known by most.

This scholarship will be awarded to families and/or self-advocates who are first-time attendees and who, without this scholarship, would be unable to attend. Just like a friendship with Artie, the Conference has a positive impact on and makes a difference in the lives of those living with Fragile X.

Shannon’s Wonder Women Scholarship

Who can apply: Females with Fragile X syndrome

This scholarship covers:

  • Early Registration fee for one female self-advocate
  • Four nights conference hotel (Room including taxes only)
  • Up to $320 in travel (Airfare or mileage)

This scholarship is offered in memory of Shannon Adamson, a young woman living with Fragile X known to her friends as a friendly, outgoing person. Like many other self-advocates, she enjoyed being able to spend time and reconnect with friends at the conference, while learning new things about Fragile X at the self-advocate sessions. Her sudden passing after the 2016 International Fragile X Conference has inspired the “Shannon’s Wonder Women Scholarship,” which aims to help other young women living with Fragile X syndrome realize their maximum life potential.

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