Help For Those Who Might Not Otherwise Be Able to Attend

Thanks to the generosity of local NFXF chapters, community partners, and private donors, conference scholarships are now available to assist individuals, families, self-advocates, or siblings who might not otherwise be able to attend this year’s conference due to limited financial resources.

Deadline: March 25, 2020


This year, there are three main categories for scholarships:

NFXF Conference Scholarships

NFXF Conference Scholarships are funded by many of the NFXF Community Support Network (CSN) chapters, community partners, and private donors.

Open to self-advocates, parents, caregivers, and siblings who have not previously attended an NFXF International Fragile X Conference.

Scholarship recipients—individuals, families, self-advocates, or siblings—will be provided with Early Registration. (Note: These scholarship do not include funding for travel and/or accommodation expenses.)

Shannon’s Wonder Women Scholarship

Shannon’s Wonder Women Scholarship is offered in memory of Shannon Robinson, a young woman living with Fragile X known to her friends as friendly and outgoing. Like many other self-advocates, she enjoyed being able to spend time and reconnect with friends at the conference, while learning new things about Fragile X at the self-advocate sessions. Her sudden passing after the 2016 International Fragile X Conference inspired the Shannon’s Wonder Women Scholarship, which aims to help other young women living with Fragile X syndrome realize their maximum life potential.

Open to female self-advocates with Fragile X syndrome.

Scholarship recipients will be provided with:

  • Early Registration for 1 female self-advocate.
  • 3 nights (including taxes) at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld.
  • Up to $285 for travel expenses (airfare or mileage).

The Arthur S. Mintz Memorial Conference Scholarship

The Arthur S. Mintz Memorial Conference Scholarship was established in memory of a kind-hearted, thoughtful man who befriended a young man in his community with Fragile X syndrome — and he did it just because he thought it might be good for the young man and helpful to his family. [Read the full story]

Open to a family or individual self-advocate who has never attended an NFXF International Conference.

Scholarship recipients will be provided with:

  • Early Registration for 1 family (1–2 members) or 1 self-advocate plus 1 traveling companion.
  • 3 nights (including taxes) at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld.
  • $100 allowance for miscellaneous expenses.

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I am very excited to see fragile X stakeholders coming from around the world to attend the 2018 NFXF International Fragile X Conference July 11-15 in my hometown, Cincinnati, Ohio. This is the truly greatest meeting I have ever had the privilege to attend. The mix of families, clinicians, scientists, and self-advocates provides a dynamic setting unsurpassed by any similar conference in the world. I know that you will find Cincinnati a hospitable, friendly, cost-conscious environment [...]

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