TASH invites you to join us for a special webinar series on discovery and employment for people with disabilities. They are making this five-session series available 24/7 for the entire month of October in conjunction with National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

Series Overview

The month of October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and there’s no better time to examine the latest research and practices leading to positive employment outcomes for people with disabilities. This webinar series includes five individual webinar sessions on discovery, and will equip educators, adult service personnel and family members with the critical information necessary to facilitate the discovery process. This process seeks to answer the essential question so often overlooked by evaluations and tests – “Who is this person?” The sessions offer a comprehensive overview to discovery, the relationship to employment and transition from school to adult work, relevance to curricular outcomes and the developmental of visual and written profile documents that capture the information learned during the discovery process.

The following sessions are available. Select one or more, or register for the entire series.

  • Finding the Direction to Facilitate Successful Employment
  • The Role of Discovery in Employment Services
  • Weaving Discovery into the School Day
  • Discovery in the Classroom
  • Capturing Discovery through the use of a Profile document

Visit www.tash.org/webinar to learn more and register