The inspirational story behind an innovative game concept that may help children with Fragile X manage transitions

Magic Arrows
Ben Moelis’ connections to Justin Silver runs deep. Their sisters took swimming classes together, their families go apple picking together every fall, and they visit the waterpark together every summer.

As close as they are, each boy has a few distinct differences: Ben is older than Justin by four years, and Ben doesn’t live with Fragile X syndrome (FXS), like Justin does. Regardless of their few difference, the boys are great friends.

As Ben got to know Justin more, he began to learn the complexities of FXS. Justin was a bright kid, but he needed some extra help to structure his days. That’s when Ben got the idea to put together a team of fellow classmates — Sarah Moelis, J.D., Gebbia and Haley Silver — to design a game that would help Justin transition from one activity to another.

That’s how the Magic Arrows game was born.

Watch the video and learn how Justin’s friendship inspired Ben to create the game. The video also explains how Magic Arrows could, one day, help your child, or someone you know, with FXS.

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