NFXF International Fragile X Conference Scholarships

MARCH 25, 2020
Scholarship applications for the NFXF 17th International Fragile X Conference are now closed.

If you applied: You will be notified by April 6, 2020. Please do not register for the conference until you have received the award notification.

Thanks to the generosity of the NFXF Community Support Network chapters, community partners, and private donors, conference scholarships have been made available to assist individuals, families, self-advocates, or siblings who might not otherwise be able to attend the conference due to limited financial resources. 

About the Conference

The International Fragile X Conference is held every other year and is the largest of its kind in the world. The event brings professionals, caregivers, self-advocates, and family members together in one place. For families and individuals new to Fragile X it can provide much-needed information and guidance. While the conference can seem overwhelming at first, you will meet the most welcoming group of people you have ever met.

For all community members, it’s where you can find friendship and solidarity, sessions focusing on strategies and techniques for living with Fragile X, and an opportunity to discover emerging research and opportunities.

More Conference News

The Family Reunion You Want to Go To

Emily Mack remembers her first time at an NFXF Int'l Fragile X Conference. “The best part was that it was the first time where I truly felt like everyone around me just understood, without explanation of who we were, what Fragile X was, and the highs and lows that it can bring to everyday.” Read her story.