STAR Local Advocacy

Our local advocacy program establishes year-round relationships with Members of Congress (MOC) through visits to their home state and district offices.

Leaders are encouraged to reach out to members of the community (family members, CSN chapters) to participate in this exciting effort.

Initiative Objectives

Provide an opportunity for Fragile X advocates unable to travel to Washington, DC to play a more active role in FX advocacy. Reinforcing the messages FX advocates carry on NFXFAD throughout the year.

Establish even stronger relationships with our MOC.

Allow siblings and self-advocates who may not be able to travel to DC to participate in FX advocacy.

Further educate our MOC about FX “up close and personal”.

Join our Advocacy Team.

Don’t worry, you can pick and choose what you do. This just means you get some training and will be alerted when their are opportunities or needs.