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Mr. Tristan

We Find Hope…

Uncle Christopher

Mon fils ma bataille

3 Out of 4 Ain’t Bad

Ryder’s Smile


On My Own!

Cindy (de Gruchy) Breise, In Memorium, Daughter, Sister, Mom, Advocate, & Friend

AJ’s First pumpkin at 29

Not just my sibling, but my best friend

My son, Kevin


Kyler Raine

My Blessing

Walking On The Path Of Life Together

My Daughter Jasmine and I

Ian Participates in the Special Olympics

AJ, My Love, My Life, My Hero

Our Sunshine, Joshua!

Knowing Something is Better then Knowing Nothing

Our Little Buddy

My Jasmine

Our Colorful Life

My Hero John <3

Our New Beginning

My Favorite Child!

The Main Man in our House is Ted!


We will Stay the Course

Life with Our Boys

When I was Born and Now

Sweet Love!


Inspiring Me Every Day

Kyle’s World


I Have Twin Daughters with Fragile X Syndrome



Just relax and dance mom!

From The Netherlands

Those eyes, that smile……

Kody Lee Owen

Liam the Lion

Mother of Jacob

Collin-Our Little X Man

Best Parts of My Life

My Heart


Bucky’s Smile

Adopting Cameron

Love Knows No Boundaries

Liam – Our surprise gift from God

Jason Spahr

My Son That I Love So Much!


Love + Laughter = Fragile X

Our big hearted Jake!

Our Precious Gift From God

Andrew (Drew) Rubinstein

Alexander (Alec) Phipps

Our sweet Boo 🙂

Spaghetti & Meatballs

An Unforgettable Evening

Our Amazing Little Boy

Tammy and Cassie at the Rockies Baseball game

X’S, O’S and AT’s

Mario and Luigi

My Son Aidan

Jake & Joe Rogers



Boy to a man Jermaine smith

Every body knows Jermaine and Jamie

My Extra Special Day

Cody Man

My Three Beautiful Children

Who doesn’t know Sean?

Our Amazing Boy

Gemon Jones-My Hero

Making a Splash

Miss Mili

My Grandson – Hayden Makris

A Fragile X Story

4 brothers 3 with fragile X

Elise, 8 yrs old

Fragile X

Mick Phelps

Pride and joy

Yellow Necklace

Beyond Book Knowledge

my light of joy

Nothing Less Than Everything


Amazing blessing

Because no one else will!

Fantastic Fragile X

Xtra Special

Mr. Honor Roll

Bubbles, Balls and Balloons

He has fragile X syndrome but it does not have him!

“Dan the Man”

My Little All Star

Our Christopher


Because Glenn’s Dreams Matter


My hero

Never give up

Nothing is Better Than Ezra

Our Buddy Boy

James drives the boat

Remarkable Ryan

Playing in the rain

Triple X

Fragile X

Our Little Cash

Aidan is all about ABILITIES!


The Sky Is The Limit

More Than The Sum of His Parts


Jacob’s story

“Let’s Start from the Very Beginning”

The Gift

Jack Milton is Helpful and Kind

Eva Elise knows what she wants


My amazing boy

Our Beautiful little Boy

ryan my little teddy bear

Vijay: Teacher and Theologian

Jesse Lee Street

Love My Sister

to live with an angel

My Amazing Dad

Our Little Hero

Under the Radar

Life with FXTAS

This Is Who He Is

Our Awesome Little Man

Precious O.N.E.

Philip’s Story


Working Man

Being the Best Matthew He Can Be

My 2 Blessings!


Brothers Are A Blessing!

The Governor



The LIght of My Life

The Turtle

2 boys with FX


Nothing fragile about my Tony

Andrew’s House


Life is a continuous fight!

About A Very Special Boy

Chef Elijah

Parent-X (a poem)

A very special boy in my life

Where’s the Bacon?!

Mrs. Rogers Fragile X Neighborhood

Mom, Gad, and Hayden

A Happy Chappy

Dylan Ray Gillis

His Smile


Sweet Caroline

Fragile X – Just a diagnosis!


aleX the eXtraordinary!

David Allen and Special Olympics!

My Co-Worker: Sam Jacob

Fragile By Design

The Loganator

Our Amazing Children

A Double Blessing!

Being the best person you can be.

Nathaniel Snyder

Destination: DISNEYLAND!

My Awesome Brother

Fragile What?


Gramma’s FX Baby

Our Blessing

Cheech & Chong

Two sister’s

My blue eyed angel

Never Give Up

The Car Guy

The Hoeser Family

One of a Kind

Sweet Surprise


A Miracle We Never Expected

Masons World

The love of my life

Evyn Anderson

My Amazing Son

Challenges and Triumphes of Ryan

My Three Sons

Self Employed as an Entertainer

FX Achievement

i love someone with fragile x

A Tribute To My Brother

What Do You Mean She Has Fragile X?

Nathan loves music, movies(Hilary Duff) reading, computers, TV, Sports & life!

All About Jack

Ryan, the happiest little boy

My brother and me

Mother and Daughter new diagnosed

A Blessing with a smile

There is nothing we can’t do!

Never Give Up

Love of Paper Leads to Work as an Adult

Andrew: The Apple of Our Eyes

Cape Cod Vacations and College Plans

Brighton’s Love of Horses

Jack the teacher

One gift

Focused on his future

A Special Sibling Bond

Darienne’s Passions: Dance and Cheerleading