On Monday, October 29, 2018, Dr. Craig Erickson conducted his 6th annual webinar on medications for Fragile X syndrome. He discussed some ongoing studies and trials and then took questions for listeners about a variety of medications, dosages, etc.

Listen to the full 90 minutes below.

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About Dr. Craig Erickson

Dr. Erickson is a noted Fragile X expert and the medical director of the Fragile X clinic at Cincinnati’s Children Hospital Medical Center in Ohio. He is a friend of the NFXF and joins us to share his knowledge on Fragile X and medical advice.

Dr. Erickson has worked to obtain continuous federal, foundation, internal, and industry funding supporting his and his collaborators’ research over the last 10+ years of his career. He is the inventor or co-inventor on many patents focused on translational treatment development in neurodevelopmental disorders that are held at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and at his previous employer the Indiana University School of Medicine. He is considered an international expert in the clinical treatment of Fragile X syndrome and has similar expertise in fragile X-specific clinical trial development. Dr. Erickson is additionally an avid teacher of future generations of child psychiatrists and has received several teaching awards for his work.