Here is a compilation of NFXF articles to help you and your children with Fragile X syndrome with school, from lunches to IEPs to hyperarousal. Every child is different, and you will find something here to help with your child and their education.

School articles

Back to School Without a Bang

Transitioning Back to School

Top ten things a teacher should know about your child with FXS


Transitioning into Kindergarten – Ideas from Parents

The Value of a Detailed School Schedule

Ten Things to do When Your Child Starts High School

Consensus of the Fragile X Clinical & Research Consortium on Clinical Practices

Educational Guidelines for Fragile X Syndrome: General

Educational Guidelines for Children with Fragile X Syndrome: Preschool through Elementary Students

Educational Guidelines for Children with Fragile X Syndrome: Middle to High School Students


Lesson Planning Guide

Understanding the Fragile X Learning Style for Better Result

Adapting Autism Interventions for Fragile X Syndrome


Sensory Diet

Sensory Diet Template – Example

Sensory Diet Activity List

Sensory Diet Template – Example Completed

Video Modeling

Doggone It…Mantras Are Great for Learning!

Verbal Perseveration! Verbal Perseveration

My Child Won’t Answer Questions

Behavior Modification in the Classroom

“Happy Birthday” Meltdowns and Other Behavioral Conundrums

Oppositional or Merely Anxious

Is Your Child’s Behavior a Manifestation of His Disability?

Preparing for your Child’s IEP

OT, SLP, AT & the IEP… Making Sense of the Alphabet Soup

Uniqueness of Females with FXS

Managing Anxiety – What Works and Why