Work with the Media

Local newspapers and TV stations are often looking for “human interest” stories and would love to get ideas from you. While you don’t need to tell your whole story on the online form we have created for you, the idea is to pique their interest so that a journalist will follow up with you to get more details.

Please be sure to review the information on the Media Relations 101 page and then take a few minutes to complete the online form. If you have already submitted a Tale of Self-Determination to our Faces of Fragile X, most of your work is done. We have provided some ideas for what to say in each section of the online form so just use your own words to tell the story. Here are a couple of important submissions tips:

  • Find submission guidelines for your local news by an online search: Try “[Your Local Newspaper/TV Station] submissions” or find the editor’s email address contact him directly.
  • You can also find your local media contacts within our . There is a media link within the action center that will provide you with local media contacts based on your location.
  • Be sure that you’ve checked over your entire article for grammar and spelling mistakes and any other omissions.
  • Submit your article according to the guidelines (email, online form, fax, etc)

Complete the Online Form