Last night I watched a private viewing of Coaching Colburn, a documentary about 26 year old James Colburn who lives with Fragile X syndrome. After the documentary ended, I immediately thought of you and how everyone in the Fragile X community needs to watch this amazing film.

The only issue: Coaching Colburn is not yet available to the public…

So, late last night, we got on the phone with Jeff Bemiss, the executive producer of Coaching Colburn and he granted us permission to share the documentary’s private viewing link and password with each of you!

Coaching Colburn - Finding love & laughter in the face of autism & Fragile X

The NFXF would like to thank the students at Trinity College and the Colburn family, Gus, Mary Lou, Richard and James, for sharing this amazing story with the community.

View the Video

You can view the video on vimeo with the passcode aac323

Raising Awareness for Fragile X

Right now, Coaching Colburn has been screened by only one sold-out crowd at the Newburyport Documentary Film Festival. With your help, we’d like to change that.

Jeff and his crew want to get Coaching Colburn played at other film festivals to raise awareness for Fragile X. If you have a connection to anyone in the film industry, please forward them the private viewing link and put them in touch with Jeff.

The NFXF is eager to help Jeff promote his documentary. Each person who watches Jeff’s documentary, helps build Fragile X awareness and understanding. Please take a moment to think about how you can help promote Coaching Colburn and spread awareness for Fragile X.



Tony Ferlenda
CEO National Fragile X Foundation