Fragile X Education SeminarWith children back in school, fall is a popular time for educational seminars and workshops. One of the many great things our groups do is to provide educational opportunities for families and professionals. Attending an educational event can make a huge difference in the school year.

The group hosts two educational events a year. Their leader Diane Southard says, “Education is a very powerful tool, and I feel our responsibility. Someone is going to show our teachers how to teach our kids—and we would rather it be us!” She says she loves the “Aha! moments” when a parent realizes that they have a new technique to add to their “toolkit.”

Tammy and Andy Selinger, leaders from the , will be hosting their 6th Annual Educational Conference in November. The Selingers say their educational conferences give them opportunities to raise awareness while educating families and professionals. Conferences also provide opportunities for support, socialization, fundraising, and a forum to discuss advocacy. For the Selingers, getting the information to professional and families is the most satisfying part of hosting an educational seminar. “We even had a family that was diagnosed on a Thursday attend our conference two days later. We were able to give them support as well as introduce them to the clinic staff’s Dr. Jonathan Picker and the genetics counselor, Sharyn Lincoln. They even got an opportunity to sit and talk with Jonathan on a one-to-one basis for approximately an hour.”

Check out the following list of upcoming educational seminars—and don’t forget there are plenty of fall social events and fundraisers coming up, too!

Fall Educational Events


19 – Tri-State Fragile X Alliance — Afternoon Fragile X Workshop for Professionals
Contact: Joe Garera
20-21 – Tri-State Fragile X Alliance — Cincinnati Area Fragile X Conference
Contact: Joe Garera
21 – Central IL FX Educational Seminar With Dr. Marcia Braden
Contact: Amy Zeleznik


5 – Heartland Fragile X Alliance — Parents & Professionals Conference
Contact: Tim Geels
5 – Fragile X Resource Center of Missouri — 20th Annual FXS Symposium With Dr. Karen Riley
Contact: Diane Southard


2 – Fragile X Society of Connecticut — 6th Annual Educational Seminar
Contact: Tammy & Andy Selinger
2 – Colorado FX — Educational Seminar
Contact: Laura Ayers
16 – Fragile X Families of Northern VA — 2nd Annual Educational Conference With Dr. Marcia Braden
Contact: Buffy Grande