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Center of Excellence for Fragile X Treatment and Research

Rowan Integrated Special Needs Center, Rowan University

Contact Information

Physical Address:

42 East Laurel Road Stratford, New Jersey 08084

Website: https://som.rowan.edu/research/centers.html Email: risn@rowan.edu Phone: [format_phone phone=856-566-7070 x4] Fax: [format_phone phone=856-566-6781]

Contact Instructions:

For primary care, please call (856) 566-7070 x4. For behavioral health issues only, please contact Dr. McBride at mcbrides2@rowan.edu or (856) 566-6843.

[col_14]Sean McBride, MD, PhD Medical Director Email: mcbrides2@rowan.edu [/col_14][col_14]Jen Lecomte, DO Primary Care Director [/col_14][col_14_last]Wendy Aita, PhD Clinic Coordinator [/col_14_last][col_14_last][/col_14_last] [spacer] [clear] [fly_with_me_info][clear][vc_column] [clear][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]