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Behavior Modification in the Classroom

By |2019-12-11T12:48:36-05:00May 30, 2013|Behavior, Braden on Behavior, Treatment and Intervention|

During a recent school consultation, I was reminded of how the behavior of students with Fragile X syndrome is often misunderstood in the classroom. Watching a student with FXS struggle is difficult when his behavior is affected by those characteristics that make up the Fragile X phenotype. (See chart below.) The fact that sensory input is difficult for him to interpret or that his speech production is cluttered and hard to understand or that his learning style is counter to the way teaching is traditionally conveyed may be the very reasons he is acting out or refusing to participate.

How to Encourage Play—and Why It Is So Critical for Your Child

By |2021-01-28T14:14:19-05:00May 1, 2013|Coffee Talk with Mouse and Tracy, Treatment and Intervention|

We have had the opportunity to visit the homes of many families raising children with Fragile X syndrome (FXS). One of the common sites we encounter is a playroom or play area chock-full of every toy known to man. The parents always remark, “I bought all these toys, but he won’t play with any of them!” This exasperation is likely familiar to many readers.

Navigating the Road to Inclusion

By |2017-08-18T14:31:34-04:00Feb 12, 2013|Braden on Behavior, Treatment and Intervention|

The emphasis to include students with FXS in general education classrooms has been noted throughout the literature. Perhaps the impetus for this movement comes from the fact that children with FXS have a considerable interest in people—one of the hallmarks of this population is a strong desire to interact socially. This often makes inclusion more viable and increases the success rate.

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