NFXF 2020 Virtual Graduation Ceremony

By |2020-08-03T10:43:53-04:00Jun 6, 2020|Blog|

To honor all Fragile X self-advocates and siblings who are being promoted/graduating in 2020, we held a virtual graduation ceremony. Gregg Harper, former Member of Congress from Mississippi and a Fragile X dad, gave a commencement address. 

How to Prepare for a Telehealth Visit

By |2020-08-07T17:35:33-04:00Apr 24, 2020|Blog|

Drs Rebecca Shaffer and Ernie Pedapati tell you how to prepare for your telehealth visit, including behavioral checkups. They are with Fragile X Clinic at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Their advice is applicable to all visits.

How Do We Cope with the Current Circumstances

By |2020-08-20T18:42:33-04:00Apr 14, 2020|Behavior, Blog|

In this new recording, Marcia Braden discusses strategies for daily living with COVID-19. She discusses how anxiety can fuel behavior, and she gives ideas on how to set up your day and accommodations you can make to help keep anxiety at a minimum.

Can I use CBD to treat Fragile X syndrome?

By |2019-12-16T11:01:02-05:00Dec 13, 2019|Blog|

Craig Erickson, MD, the Director of the Cincinnati Fragile X Research and Treatment Center was asked by the National Fragile X Foundation (NFXF) to discuss the use of cannabidiol (CBD) for people with Fragile X syndrome (FXS) - to answer the questions around, Can I Use CBD to treat Fragile X syndrome.

What Advice Do You Have for SSI

By |2019-12-06T15:30:08-05:00Dec 6, 2019|Blog|

we are developing materials for adults with Fragile X syndrome. One area we receive a lot of questions from parents on is advice for applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for their 18-year-old son or daughter.

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