National Fragile X Awareness Month is about expanding public awareness and educating those who are in a position to help make a difference. We strive to do this every day, but once a year, in July, we bang our drum even louder to raise awareness about:

  • Fragile X and the people it affects.
  • The risks of being a carrier.
  • Educating doctors about their role in diagnosing — and caring for — patients.
  • Educating teachers and special educators about their role in reaching and engaging individuals with Fragile X.
  • Educating policymakers about their role in setting policies and providing opportunities for people with Fragile X — and all intellectual disabilities.
  • Involving more researchers in Fragile X research.
  • Educating therapists about the differences — and similarities — between Fragile X and autism, and their role in treating them separately and together.
  • The importance of clinical trials and studies, including support and guidance for individuals and their families so they understand the challenges they may be facing, and how to prepare for participation.

Each year, the NFXF and the Fragile X community celebrate all of July as National Fragile X Awareness Month, with the goal of expanding public awareness and educating those who are in a position to help make a difference.

MalloryWe asked to learn more about the Xtraordinary individuals in your lives and here they are. These are all a must-see/must-read!

Your Awareness Toolkit

To help you raise awareness in July — and all year long — we have pulled together some materials that are free to download and use. Just fill out the form below and we will email you all of the materials. Check out all you get:

Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom background instructions.

Zoom background with text: Ask me about Fragile X
Zoom background NFXF X logo
Zoom background with scattered NFXF X logos
Zoom background with NFXF X logo and NATIONAL FRAGILE X FOUNDATION

“Know Me” Cards

Use these print-it-yourself “Know Me” FX Awareness cards on Avery 8871 sheets or similar products. Can be used individually, or front/back of the same card.

Have you heard of Fragile X? Know me card front.
I have Fragile X syndrome card with FXS information

Coloring Pages

Coloring pages for downloading, Now More Than Ever - Together, We're Stronger
Coloring pages for downloading, X logo

“What Is Fragile X” Flyer

Thumbnail of downloadable, printable NFXF Fragile X flyer for Awareness Month.


NFXF poster with images of people and facts about Fragile X
Fragile What? poster

Get Your Awareness Packet

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Tell Us About An Xtraordinary Employee

his year, as part of our awareness efforts, we are sharing about individuals with Fragile X syndrome who are working – paid, volunteer, full-time, part-time, and more. We want to raise awareness of the value of employment of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities for the employee, employer, and their coworkers.

Fragile X Awareness Signs

We designed several Fragile X awareness yard signs so you can choose one that serves you best. Each are printed on-demand and shipped directly to you with everything you need to display them in your yard for all of July or even longer if you choose.