NFXF Advocacy Day Social Story

Let’s go to Advocacy Day! Here’s what we’re going to do.
1-Bye House
Bye House!
2-Drive to Airport
Drive to Airport
3-Hi Aiport
Hi Aiport
Denver Airport Security
Go Through Security
The empty cabin of an airplane
Get on the airplane
7-Washington DC airport
Washington, DC airport
8-Lets take a taxi
Let's take a taxi
A red-line train passes through the Farragut North Metro Station in Washington, Friday, Feb. 12, 2010, as service resumed following a car derailment at the station earlier. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
Let's take a metro
10-The Hotel
The Hotel
11-Look at the Hotel Room
Look at the Hotel Room
Eat dinner
13-Go to Bed
Go to Bed
Tuesday: Training Day
14-Breakfast Area
Breakfast Area
17-Training Room
Training Room
18-Jeffrey Cohen starts off
Jeffrey Cohen starts off
19-Christopher Kush speaks next
Christopher Kush speaks next
20-Breakout sessions
Breakout sessions
Teenage Boy Asleep In Bed At Home
Go to bed
Wednesday: Our Trip to the Capitol
Rear view of a young man waking up in bed and stretching his arm
Get Up Early
24-Quick breakfast
Quick breakfast
25-Get on the bus
Get on the bus
The Capitol
Go to Capitol Hill
27-Take a picture on Capitol Hill
Take a picture on Capitol Hill
28-Your group photo
Your group photo
29-Inside the Capitol
Inside the Capitol
30-Go to the House Chamber
Go to the House Chamber
31-Hear Gregg Harper Talk
Hear Gregg Harper Talk
32-Tour the Capitol
Tour the Capitol
33-More of the Capitol
More of the Capitol
34-Go to Senators Office
Go to Senators Office
35-Inside the Senators Office
Inside the Senator's Office
36-Your representatives office
Your Representative's Office
37-Back to the hotel to get bags
Back to the hotel to get bags
38-Back to the Airport
Back to the Airport
The empty cabin of an airplane
On the airplane
41-Drive Home
Drive Home
ca. 1996, Dallas, Texas, USA --- Residential Home --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
Back home
43-What a great trip
What a great trip