NFXF Events Submission Form

Event Information

You can include your actual event title here, ex: "New Directions in Fragile X Treatment" or "Fragile X Morning Coffee"
Check if event is more than one day.


CTLR and click on Windows or Command and click on Mac to select multiple groups.


Use the address of the actual location of the event. A map will be displayed on the event listing. Additional details about where to park, etc can be listed below in "More Location Details"
ex: University of Connecticut Health Center
ex: 123 Main St
If you would like, you can enter in additional location details, like where to park or landmarks to look for. Please keep them short though.

Registration Information

Maximum upload size: 104.86MB
Upload only PDF version of the registration form. You can ctrl and click multiple PDF to upload if needed.
Include any registration information like cost, includes lunch, etc. If there are no details, delete the contents.

Additional Details

Here you can give as much additional information as you'd like to provide. Be sure to include target audience, any information, parking details, featured speakers or guests, etc. Be sure to include any contact information.
Provide any additional details here. Be sure to include the desired contact information for users visiting the listing.


Please include at least a Primary Image used for promoting your event, that is not just your group logo or event flyer. Please have it tied to the event, if possible an image from a previous years event. Feel free to include any Additional Images you feel would help promote your event.
Maximum upload size: 104.86MB
Please provide an image that we can use in promoting this event. Some ideas are a picture from a previous event you've held, a group photo or even an image of the event's location.
Maximum upload size: 104.86MB
You can CTLR and click on Windows or Command and click on Mac to select multiple files.

Event Promotion

If you do not wish to have your event push on our social media accounts or have an email blast sent out to members of our database, please uncheck the options below.
Please provide us with your events RSVP date, if you have one, so that we can be sure your promotion is completed in time.
Any comments related to our event promotion of your event. Maybe a particular range you'd like our email blast to cover.

Your Contact Information

Please provide us with your name, email and phone number so that we may contact you if we have any questions about your submission. Note that this information is for administrative purposes only.