There were over 90 new members of Congress sworn into office last Thursday — a diverse group of men and women, straights and gays, married and single, well-known and unknown.

The freshman class of 2013 includes an animal vet (Republican Ted Yoho of Florida), a reindeer farmer (Republican Kerry Bentivolio of Michigan), a scion of a legendary family (Democrat Joseph Kennedy of Massachusetts), a famous twin (Democrat Joaquin Castro of Texas, whose brother gave the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention), and several unfamiliar faces that will be popping up on C-SPAN in the weeks to come.

The 113th Congress

The 113th Congress

Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, quipped, “I didn’t run to make history. I ran to make a difference.” We need to help her and her other first-year colleagues understand what kind of difference they can make in the Fragile X community. It’s likely that most of them know little to nothing about Fragile X, and given their numbers alone, they will be a substantial force in deciding what will be important during this Congress.

Now is the perfect time to start working on your relationship with these new members of Congress. Visit our CongressWeb portal where you can find out whether your member is new and then write him or her to introduce yourself, your family, and the world of Fragile X. The CongressWeb portal will step you through creating a message and let you review it prior to sending it to your members of Congress. One personal contact at a time, we can continue to spread institutional knowledge of Fragile X through the halls of Congress. Let’s do that soon and then plan to follow up with our representatives on National Fragile X Advocacy Day 2013!