2018 NFXF Junior Investigators Awards

//2018 NFXF Junior Investigators Awards

2018 NFXF Junior Investigators Awards

The National Fragile X Foundation is pleased to announce this year’s NFXF Junior Investigators Awards – students, postdocs, fellows and new faculty members (within 3 years of first appointment) – whose area of focus is basic or clinical science in Fragile X.  Receiving one of these awards includes an invitation to the NFXF International Fragile X Conference to present their current research.

The NFXF and our Scientific and Clinical Advisory Committee (SCAC) believe that increasing the scientific component of the NFXF International Fragile X Conference is important. It helps families understand the amount of current research happening and how vested scientists are in finding treatments. The NFXF also strongly believes that the scientists, and thus the field, benefit when the scientists are able to connect with families and individuals living with Fragile X. An additional benefit is the opportunity for junior professionals to both share their research and professionally interact with senior investigators.

Junior Investigator Awards are funded with the financial support of NFXF donors including the Honorable Harris Hollin (founder of the former Conquer Fragile X and continued supporter of this program) and the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Congratulations to the following recipients of this year’s awards:

  • Role of CDH1-APC as a Regulator of FMRP and Protein Synthesis at the Synapse
    Arielle Valdez – Emory University
  • CGG RNA Repeats Activate PKR to Drive RAN Translation in Fragile X-associated Tremor/Ataxia Syndrome
    Becky Glineburg – University of Michigan
  • RAN Translation at CGG Repeats Regulates FMRP Synthesis and can be Selectively Targeted In Fragile X Spectrum Disorders
    Caitlin Rodriguez – University of Michigan
  • Targeted Reactivation of FMR1 Transcription in Fragile X Syndrome Embryonic Stem Cells
    Geena Skariah – University of Michigan School of Medicine
  • Reproductive Options for Women with Fragile X and the Premutation
    Heather Hipp – Emory University
  • Multivariate Investigation of Brain and Behavioral Outcomes in Females with FMR1 Full Mutation
    Jennifer Bruno – Stanford University
  • Altered Homeostatic Plasticity May Contribute to Sensory Hypersensitivity and Seizures in Fragile X Syndrome
    Pernille Bülow – Emory University
  • The Effects of Phonological and Verbal Working Memory on Expressive Vocabulary Development in Youth with Fragile X Syndrome
    Sarah Nelson – University of California, Davis
  • The Potential of Resveratrol in the treatment of Fragile X
    Sean McBride – Rowan University, New Jersey
  • The Mismatch Repair Proteins MLH3 and EXO1 have Opposing Roles in Repeat Expansion in a Fragile X Mouse Model
    Xiaonan Zhao – National Institutes of Health
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