NFXF Advocacy Day: A Visual Schedule

Bye Home!

Drive to the airport

Hi airport!

Go through security

Get on the airplane

Fly to Washington DC

Arrive at Washington DC's airport

Take a taxi

Or take the DC Metro

The hotel

Your hotel room

Eat dinner

Go to bed

Get breakfast


Linda Sorensen, Brian Silver, and Dan Whiting will talk.

Self-Advocate Training

Monday Night Reception


Go to bed

Wake up early

Grab a quick breakfast

Get on the bus

Go to Capitol Hill

Take a picture on Capitol Hill

Take a group picture

Go to House Chamber

Hear Gregg Harper Talk

Tour the Capitol

Inside the Senator's Office

Your Representative's Office

Back to the hotel to get bags

Go back to the airport

Back at the airport

On the airplane

Drive back home

Home again

Great trip!