Study: Brain Development in Relation to Girls with Fragile X Syndrome

Brains, Behavior, and Girls!

Researchers at Stanford University are studying brain development in relation to behavior, cognition, and mood in girls with fragile X syndrome.

This study is an NIH-funded research project aimed to increase our understanding of the brain during a critical
time of a child’s growth. Information learned from this research can ultimately contribute to an increased
understanding of learning, behavior, and emotion facilitating the development of intervention services/therapies.

We are currently recruiting girls ages 8-12 years with a diagnosis of fragile X syndrome.

Participation Involves:

  • Comprehensive cognitive and behavioral evaluation
  • MRI and NIRS Scan (safe, noninvasive, no x-rays/radiation)

Potential Benefits:

  • Discussion and written report of results from evaluation
  • Access to ongoing updates about outcomes of the study

You will receive a $100 honorarium for participation.

For more information or to participate contact:

Phone: 650-724-2951