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Webinar: Toilet Training Milestones in Fragile X Syndrome

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

3:00 PM Eastern | 2:00 PM Central
1:00 PM Mountain | 12:00 PM Pacific

Dr. Elizabeth Berry-Kravis and her team have collected data on age of toilet training from families across the USA participating in the FORWARD project. This data was evaluated relative to autism diagnosis, level of function and a number of other variables to define factors associated with problems toilet training individuals with FXS. Significant delays in toilet training were found with more problems achieving this milestone in those with co-morbid autism. Dr. Berry-Kravis will join us to discuss the data from FORWARD as well as implications for toilet training strategies for individuals with FXS.

FORWARD, the Fragile X Online Registry With Accessible Research Database, is a project funded by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. FORWARD was created with the mission of improving the care and quality of life for those living with Fragile X syndrome (FXS). In studying and gaining knowledge about FXS, we come to understand the individual experience of those with FXS as well as how this condition effects the lives of their families.

Dr. Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, MD, PhD serves as Professor of Pediatrics, Neurological Sciences and Biochemistry at Rush University. Dr. Berry-Kravis established the comprehensive Fragile X Clinic and Research Program at Rush University Medical Center in 1992, through which she provides care and support to over 400 patients with Fragile X syndrome (FXS) for management of neurological, medical, behavioral and genetic issues.

A recording of this session will be available shortly after the webinar.

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