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Visual Wizardry: Using Visual Supports to Change your Child’s Life

By |2016-08-31T11:00:42-04:00Aug 31, 2016|FXS, Support and Resources|

Visual supports help translate the environment and expectations to an individual with FXS without requiring direct processing of language. This type of information can be processed quickly. Visual supports remain present, so they can be referred to more than one time, whereas verbal directions might be heard and then forgotten. Learning to use visual supports can help alleviate anxiety for the person with FXS and frustration for the person providing support.

Oppositional or Merely Anxious?

By |2016-08-08T08:00:38-04:00Aug 8, 2016|Braden on Behavior|

I’m often hear, “Is he just defiant, or is there something else going on? He refuses to comply, and he seems to want to manipulate me.” Children with and without Fragile X syndrome learn to maneuver in their environments in order to survive and thrive. In order to discern whether a behavior is oppositional, or merely a reaction to anxiety, pay attention to your reaction.

2016 Let 'Em Know Highline & Dine

By |2016-08-03T12:24:24-04:00Aug 3, 2016|New York City|

Twelve people, consisting of Greater New York City Community Support Network members and friends, met at the southern entrance of the Highline in Soho to complete a 1.3 mile walk to raise awareness and money for Fragile X.